High Diving Giraffes

Clip Clop, Clip Clop, My friend, Nino was moving left to right in front of me. He stretched his long neck trying to lick the camera on the top corner that was examining our every move through this strange tiled room. I didn’t mind it much and just moved on with the crowd moving in a single file line like soldiers through this confusing hallway feeling like it’s a lucid dream.

We stopped and stood still. Nino was first in line. I was lucky enough to be second to watch what he would do. He sprinted filled with motion until he dropped down and away from my view. I took a little peek to see where he had gone. Nino had dropped into a large swimming pool below the diving board. I was nervous. I’m next in line. I try to be brave to clear my mind. I see my other friend, Julio, dangling down from the grey ceiling so we can grab onto him. I sprinted and sprinted leaping forward, I was more excited than nervous. I feel the cold wind on my face and grab onto Julio, dangling to drop more smoothly. I see the reflection of myself falling into the crystal water filled with strong smelling chlorine. I splash into the water, hearing air bubbles and muffled breathing through my ears.

I arise out of the water and swim to the surface, feeling refreshed and new. I didn’t feel scared and nervous anymore but only filled with excitement. I felt like doing the jump again and again. I run to catch up with my friends lining up with them. We walk to the pool once more and bend over and reach out at the same time drinking the pool water. Even though the water has chlorine in it, I was too exhausted to care and just wanted to go home.

High-Diving Giraffes - NWF | Ranger Rick

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