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The Tampa Affair: Abbas Nazari – Entry 1 2022

Located in the midst of the dark, in the dead of the night. Trembling voices and the creaking sounds of a wooden floor had woken me. My mama and papa with a distraught look, hurriedly told me to pack everything that could fit into my ruptured bag. I had finished packing and had to drag it all the way to the door. Opening it, the night was empty other than a crippled and eerie bus waiting and lurking on the road. As dreaded and unfulfilled I was, I had no thought of going on the bus. It was packed and barely any seats were vacant. People murmured and whispered as I walked down the tight aisle. The seats were filthy, with orange stains on the side and banana peels at the bottom. My papa had prayed, hoping that God would have heard.

Jungle at night, the moon above the palm trees, a panorama of the jungle under the moon Stock Illustration | Adobe Stock