The Tampa Affair: Abbas Nazari – Entry 2 2022

My mama had hugged me tightly, like this was my last goodbye. The last sum of gas disappeared thinly and everyone stayed close, they shivered and they prayed. Next morning, the boat began to break, everyone’s last sliver of hope was vanishing. The last gasp of survival was making a distress signal which hopefully is visible and understood by others. It  read “SOS.” Many planes had fled by and they all ignored our signal, many worries were continuing. Days later, I was woken by a container ship that had stopped in front of our puny boat. It looked like it was here to save us all, and one by one, we walked up the gangway leading to the top. The vomit and salty smell of the ocean couldn’t reach the summit up here. 

It stopped the boats': John Howard on Tampa, Siev X and the Pacific  solution | Cabinet papers | The Guardian

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